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Productive Intranet Features

There are many outstanding features in Productive Intranet, which truly make things easy for you. It is user-friendly and intelligent, making it a great performance booster.

Intranet Project Management

Collaborative Project Management

Assign tasks to each other and track their progress. Store all the files, tasks and discussions of a project at one place, and ensure that they are accessed by employees involved in the project only. Track the time taken for every task in a project.

Intranet Interactive forms

To-Do / Task Management

Manage your day-to-day tasks in the best possible way using the Task Management feature.Crush your tasks with our powerful to-do and task manager

Multilevel Intranet Permission

Employee Directory

Enable your team to cut through the noise and communicate quickly and efficiently

inbuilt instant messenger

Built-in Instant Messenger

Let your employees interact and share ideas conveniently by using the Built-in Instant Messenger. Collaboration is at your fingertips.

company event calender

Company Event Calendar

Plan important company events and remember the dates by making use of the Company Event Calendar.

intranet interactive forms

Interactive Forms

Create paper based electronic forms and let everyone access them, using the feature of Interactive Forms.

file sharing and management

File Sharing & Management

Store, manage and share important files freely and securely with the File Sharing and Management tool.

multiple level permission

Multiple Level Permission

Grant different levels of permission to your employees according to their roles.

departmental portal management

Departmental Portal Management

Address the requirements of each department of your organization using this tool. It provides an information portal and other facilities for different departments like Quality & Safety, Finance, HR and Information and Technology.

intranet micro blog

Micro Blog

Let your employees share valuable information, post updates and ask questions quickly and conveniently.

productive intranet internal blog

Internal Blog

Build a community within your organization. With this feature, employees can share information among one another, request feedback and ask questions.

bookmarking links

Bookmark Links

Employees can bookmark the links they find helpful and access them instantly.

intranet employee search tool

Employee Search

Finding employees right from the top-level to the entry-level, is easy with the employee search tool. It also lets employees find people with specific skill sets or interests in the company.

intranet employee personal calendar

Personal Calendar

Employees can schedule their work, company events and personal events.

productive intranet activity feed

Activity Feed

Stay in tune with the daily progress of your colleagues team and company.

alerts and notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Know when you need to take a specific action with the help of Alerts and Notifications sent to you. The notifications may carry links to places where the action should be taken.

productive intranet content management system

Content Management System

Create attractive pages easily with the Content Management System of Productive Intranet. You don’t need any design or technical skills to use the feature.

vacation request workflow

Vacation Request Workflow

Let your employees apply for leaves or vacation with the help of this feature.

employees survey polls

Employees Survey Polls

Gather the views and opinions of your employees on important matters by making use of this tool. It lets you conduct surveys, and offers statistics through which you can know what the majority has to say.

instant organization charts

Instant organization charts

This tool in Productive Intranet collects information from the profile of employees dynamically and displays them for reporting to the person concerned.

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